The focus of our team is to provide the North Shore community and Downtown Chattanooga with an unforgettable patient experience. Our time is dedicated to serving you, here’s an opportunity to get to know us.

  • Tim Christopherson


    Dr. Christopherson is committed to creating an environment that is comforting and provides patients with long term results.  His philosophy and approach is geared specifically on the patients’ goals and desires, not his own agenda, and his charismatic and pleasant personality ensure a relaxed environment. 

    Dr. Christopherson – labeled Dr. C by the patients and team – arrived in Chattanooga in 2011 after a couple different stops on the west coast, which included Denver & Seattle.  He and his family have made Chattanooga their home and he enjoys all the North Shore/Normal Park community has to offer. 

    Dr. C is a big sports fan, and when he is out of the office, most of his time is spent with his wife (Dr. Herrington) and 2 beautiful children, Ionie & Banyan. 

  • Bethany Herrington


    Dr. Herrington has a strong belief in the body’s natural ability to heal, and she is thorough in explaining the importance of the whole body approach – mental, physical, and emotional.  Her specialties include Nutrition, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics and SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique). 

    Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Herrington developed a love for nature and the outdoors.  She enjoys the active outdoor lifestyle of the Scenic City and exploring the area alongside her husband (Dr. Christopherson) and children. 

  • Rebecca Coles

    Head of Rehab/CTA

    Rebecca Coles is the head of rehab and teaches each patient how to manage their spine with an individualized rehab program. Rebecca was introduced to Chiropractic first hand through a knee injury that was a result of too much running and not enough maintenance. She was a firefighter for several years before finding her true passion in the Chiropractic and Rehab setting.  

    Rebecca wants to live in a world where emails are short, love letters are brave and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.  When she’s not rehabbing up a storm, you can find her re-reading the collected works of C.S. Lewis, watching obscene amounts of The Golden Girls without a trace of shame, and optimistically checking her mailbox for brown-paper packages tied up with string.

  • Aprill Morris

    Front Desk Specialist

    When you walk into the office Aprill is the first person to greet you. With 16 years of healthcare experience she will be able to answer your questions and welcome you to the family. She has also been a Registered Radiologic Technologist since 2008 and loves to utilize her skills here in the office. 

    Aprill is a dedicated believer in chiropractic care.  It has helped her to get a lot of her mobility back that she had lost in recent years as well as no longer getting sick like she used to.  Her whole family now comes to the chiropractor and they have also all seen major results in their health and mobility.

    Aprill is from Ringgold, GA and has 2 teenage sons (Gage & Kane) and an adorable Miniature Schnauzer named Molly.  She loves the outdoors and enjoys anything that has to do with being on the water in the summertime.

  • Chip Phillips

    Licensed Massage Therapist/ CTA

    Chip Phillips is our Licensed Massage Therapist. He has been licensed for five years and has had four years of experience in this environment.  His passion for chiropractic and massage results from the remarkable results he has seen from what we do here; ranging from getting people out of wheelchairs to helping people complete life-long goals.

    Chip lives in Rossville, Ga and has two beautiful daughters. When he’s not spending time with them, he enjoys riding motorcycles, conquering American Ninja Warrior obstacles and anything outdoors.